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Economic Cooperative is producing fruit trees, rose plants and ornamental plants, together with seedlings and propagating material, offering certified and healthy fruit trees, berry plants, grapevine plants, rose plants on over 60 hectares of nurseries in Serbia and Bosnia.

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Organization of plant nurseries

Economic Cooperative is an economical and coordinated chain of plant nursery production in Serbia and Bosnia, where every fruit tree, rose plant, ornamental plant and propagating material is supervised from one place, therefore producing standardized quality for each planting product.

We control the production on over 50 production sites and more than 60 hectares of land in Serbia, Bosnia, and other countries, in a form of a fruit trees and plants nursery production chain and agricultural cooperative that is represented by Economic Cooperative Serbia with offices in Subotica.

As a cooperative and a production chain, we have a long lasting relationship of sharing experience and knowledge between our cooperates and continuing tradition of fruit plants production for over 50 years.

In Economic Cooperative, you will find a reliable supplier of good quality products which will satisfy you, your market and your buyer’s needs.

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Our production is more than 3.5 million fruit trees (standard, mini fruit plants and apple Knip tree / Knip-Boom / Tall Spindle apple tree system) and almost same amount of berry plants per year, and around 1 million rose plants on 60+ hectares (148+ acre) of land.

Economic Cooperative is organized as an agricultural production chain of fruit plants, rose plants, ornamental plants, and propagating material. Under the control and close cooperation we are able to produce high-quality, standardized and healthy fruit plants, rose plants, ornamental plants, and other plants.

We are implementing latest technology and know-how in plant growing. Fruit trees are produced as either VF (virus free) or CAC (standard) quality of trees, controlled and analyzed by the Institute for plant health. Therefore our buyers receive carefully selected, safe and certified nursery material, produced by EU regulations, with Phyto, health and all other required certificates and documents.

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Production nursery plants trade wholesale distribution


Our business at Economic Cooperative is mainly wholesale of fruit trees and plants, rose plants, grapevine plants, ornamental plants, but other plants as well. Our clients include big producers, present and future big fruit growers, international wholesalers, retail trade chains, distributors, exporters, individual producers, and others in Serbia, European Union (EU), Russia, other Asian countries and other countries all around the world.


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Our buyers receive fruit trees, berry plants, rose plants, ornamental plants of the best quality, produced in a standardized environment, latest technology, and by EU regulations, providing all necessary documents.

All plants are produced as good quality planting material and can be either VF (virus free) or CAC (standard) quality of trees, all of them are healthy, controlled and analyzed couple of times during the year by the side of Institute for plant health (under Ministry of Agriculture and Plant health organization).

To assure the best quality and required quantity, it is best to let us know and inform us in advance about your inquiry including varieties, types of rootstocks, the size of plants, number of branches, type of package and similar requests, so we can prepare plants and deliveries on time.

Our main motivation in producing high-quality fruit trees, berry plants, rose plants and other plants is establishing a recognizable name in fruit plants supply, and growing business relations with our partners all over the world.

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We invite you to visit us in our nurseries and assure yourself in the quality and standards we provide for the international market.

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