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Contact us if you want to receive our current offer or have any questions regarding our business. We are also at your service if you need any help in the process of decision making.

Economic Cooperative d.o.o.
Arsenija Čarnojevića 12
24000 Subotica, Serbia

Tel/fax: +38124559599
Mobile: +38163592408 (main inquiries and questions)
Mobile: +381642471234


Purchase, sales:
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Companies in cooperation with the Economic Cooperative are:

Evro-Kalem-Trade ZZ
Mackovac bb
37000 Krusevac
PIB: 105940678

Max Trade International doo
Stanislava Binickog 3A
37000 Krusevac
PIB: 111293750

Poljoagro doo
Jasenik I/8
76230 Samac
Bosnia and Herzegovina 4403556260003

Rasadnik Agro Flora dooel
selo Star Karaorman
2000 Shtip
North Macedonia
ЕDB: 4062016500372

We are looking forward to hearing from you.